June 09, 2013

YooBao Transformer 13000mAh & YooBao ThunderBolt 15600mAh

Powerbank Yoobao 13000mAh

Color : black and red


Price mark down from RM170 


First come first serve basis. Reservation only for 48hours.

•can fully charged handphone up from 8 to 9 times.• provide with one usb cable, adapter for samsung and iphone 4s below. Handphone lain boleh charge as long ada usb cable utk handphone tu.•boleh charged 2 handphone atau any gadget on the same time(eg camera or ipad atau tablet).• ada button yg boleh check berapa bar battery powerbank tinggal and utk nyalakan flash light.

peringatan, powerbank tak ada power on or off. Oleh itu, please disconnect usb cable from powerbank right after usage

Whatsapp me at : 019-3719329 to order.

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 photo 319a5b1a.gif photo 319a5b1a.gif

YooBao Thunderbolt 15600mAh

Price : RM200 free postage

Two output ports, 1Amp and 2Amp
>Set contains two Connectors (Apple/Micro)Micro USB cableAdapter (110 to 220V)
>User Manual>LED Torch Light last 650 hours>Five Indicators show the current capacity, each for 20%

Suitable for mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, cameras, HTC, SAMSUNG, Blackberry, Nokia, PSP/NDSL, and MP3/MP4 players (Can charge iPhone 8 to 9 times)
Capacity: 15,600mAh

Input: 5V DC, 2,000mADual Outputs: 2,000mAh & 1000mAh

Boleh charged 2phone or gadget at the same time.
Any gadget boleh dicharge (eg galaxy camera or tab) as long ada usb cable gadget tersebut

Whatsapp me at 019-3719329.

Wechat id : nadnodazizan

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