December 20, 2014

End of class for Semester 6 (B.ACC)

what a great semester here at UiTM Puncak Alam. dulu masa dapat berita perlu pindah ke sini agak sedih. sayang UiTM Segamat. hehe. i managed to make new friends here. though mula mula takut sampai whatsapp semua orang regarding dorang kelas mana since i'm not able to register under the same class with my previous classmates. i feel so alone. even the first few weeks here i feel alone.

its been a great semester. 4 months have passed. sekarang bersedia untuk final examination before going on practical next semester on February 2015. 6 months of pratical. not sure how it goes. 

My Iphone 5 was presumed dead on 23rd December 2014. carelessly put the gadget into the washing machine. i just realise my phone was missing after 15 minutes. Gods know how much i cried over the gadget. now still on going saving for iphone 6 or iphone 5s. take months to achieve. haih. horrific event.

with our beloved lecturer for subject Mandarin (BMD 501), Ms Cassandra Goh.

During our last class with her.

The next day was presentation day. 18 December 2014, Thursday. Our presentation was all about financial crisis in Thailand. doing a last minute job though. but luckily our beloved lecturer praised us for the presentation. even compliment it was a great issue to be brought up :'D

so here is my team members ;)

me, Elvy and Najwa.

doing our candid shot. 

our corporate photo :


sempat bermanja manja dengan Najwa :'D


i feel so petite standing next to her :D

me, Najwa, Elvy, Eliya and Ilya.

susunan tangga.

candid shot again :D

with Miss Mariam Mansor.

bergambar dengan Miss before end of class.

rindu miss :*

Selfie with an Ipad.

Till we meet again on our last semester. Semester 8.
all the best for final examination!