January 30, 2015

Green Box Karaoke. Bros Cafe. Coffee and Dreams. @Seremban 2 (Coffee experience)

Akan mula internship next monday, February 2nd. nervous. hehe. so before working experience, sempat pergi karaoke and coffee hunting secara tidak sengaja. this is yet again unplan trip. I never make plan to go out. It just happen. 

So here we are. at Green Box Karaoke, Jusco, Seremban 2.

The student price is RM13 per person without tax. murah. sebab for 3 hours! of course rasa berbaloi.

right after karaoke terus pergi Uptown Avenue. heard some reviews saying di sana banyak cafe yang classic macam di Publika. can even find a party shop selling helium balloons! :)

so here's the view from outside. it was gloomy day.

the counter. sama macam Starbucks. order di counter.

and I was a bit "jakun" because I never thought the Ipad on the counter is for the purpose to scroll down the menu listed. more easy to choose from since it has a picture for every drink or meals.

I personally think they do not serve meal. but more on dessert like brownies and cakes. 

Quite okay right the price?

there's a printed wifi password at the bottow. not sure if they change the password regularly.

my hot chocolate.

Serious benar muka Shana. masa ni ada family emergency.

the stool i was sitting on was quite high, the table is above my knee height. 
so it does seems impossible for me to snap a really good picture of myself.
haha. take several shots to achieve this :p

Hot chocolate and mocha.

right after coffee drink(thought i was drinking hot chocolate), terus pergi Coffee and Dreams. heard a good reviews about this cafe also. 

and a waffle raisins! :)

orang yang paling semangat makan.

Thanks for this moments Shana.
looking forward for new place to hang out with :-*
lots of love from your bff.