January 07, 2015

New Year 2015

Sudah seminggu tahun 2015. how is your day? for me was a bit disappointment this year since I've lost my Iphone. bukan lost pun. rosak. rosak which can't be fix. major disappointment for that since I bought it for RM2,200 back in 2013.

looking forward to purchase a new iphone. insufficient money. what do you expect, Nad? student lagi. memang tak mampulah jawabnya. haha.

Bihun goreng with Hazelnut iced RM15. 
only in Publika.

The bihun cost me RM10. can you believe it? haha :'D
But I guess people who love cafe hunting, should come to Publika. There's like a lot cafe here. even have a cafe called "Seremban oldtown". like whattt, haha. Seremban famous okay?

Love the interior design of this Cafe. But i can't recall the name of this place.

I came to Publika just to fix my phone. but unfortunately some things are not meant to be fix. redha sahaja. careless sebab boleh masuk Iphone dalam washing machine. can you believe that?!

went to The Curve in Damansara for Dip n Dip. this happen before new year. 
didn't expect to be able to satisfy my craving for chocolate before new year.

well, the waiters there was so friendly. there was a couple who suddenly barge in before us(we came first so technically that suppose to be our seat). The waiter nicely stood upon the couple and said we were here first, so they should have wait in the lines to be seated. haha. feeling special somehow. thought it was prejudice :P

Brownies and strawberry in a sticks.

The brownies crepe cost RM28.50 whereas the stick cost RM16(tak silap).

love the rose.

someone bought a mocking jay pin for me. 
This cost RM25! mahal :(

The next day, 2nd January 2015

You can walk on the glass floor which is transparent for you to see the lower ground :D
too bad I was wearing a skirt, a bit shy. what if people on the lower ground could see underneath my skirt lah? haha. that's the reason for this pose :P

the glass floor. it might be slippery during rainy days though

 Kuew Tiow Goreng Kerang without sayur.
I do not prefer vegies in my meal :'D

able to eat Hotcakes at Mcdonald for breakfast :D amazing!

Nasi Ayam/udang penyet.

Selamat tahun baru!
Happy new year!
Xinnian Quaile!

may you have amazing year :D